Brackett 19 Inch Circular Padder

High-Speed Automated Padding Machine

Slash your padding costs by 80%. Six to nine times faster than manual methods.


A clean, efficient method of producing professional pads and multiple pad strips 
up to one-inch thick (25.4mm) and 19 inches (482.6mm) long. Stacks of paper sheets 
 (usually with chipboard stiffeners) are bonded together by a thin application of 
 hot melt adhesive.
 Proven, trouble-free low maintenance operation.
Brackett’s Circular Padder performs flawlessly every day in shops worldwide. This 
unique automated system uses heavy duty materials that resist wear and corrosion.
Arrives fully assembled, ready to produce pads. Plugs into existing receptacles.
No installation costs. It moves around easily on heavy duty lock-down castors for 
location flexibility. Requires just a 6’x8′ space (1.83X2.44 meters).

Recent upgrades include full safety guarding, standard tall work supports, plug-in 
convenience for options plus an electrical system with worldwide compatibility.
For automated padding you simply drop in loose paper sheets as the padder rotates. 
Feed stacks of paper into the open jaws and the Circular Padder takes it from there. 
Automatically, stacks are jogged and clamped tightly prior to receiving a precisely
metered application of hot melt adhesive. Almost instantly, the adhesive sets up and a
multiple pad strip is released to a stainless delivery chute – sliding onto a conveyor
for transport to the next operation, such as stacking, shrink wrapping, edge taping,
trimming and packing.
Variable machine speeds (up to 3400 units per hour) let you control out-put and make
allowances for pad size, quality qnd the operators’ feeding proficiency. On average,
you can expect to produce 1800 pads (or multiple pad strips) per hour.

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