Cut-True 31H Hydraulic Cutter | 28″

  • Single Phase
  • 7" Color Touchscreen
  • Hydraulically controlled
  • Low-friction air-assist ball deck
  • Cuts stacks up to 28" wide
  • LED cutting line
  • Infrared Safety Curtain
  • Up to 100 programmable jobs
  • Extra large side tables


The Formax Cut-True 31H Hydraulic Guillotine Paper Cutter features a hydraulic blade and clamp drivefor true two-shift operation, and rugged heavy-duty construction for precision cutting of paper stacks up to 28” wide and up to 4” high. User-friendly features include a color touchscreen control panel, automatically-adjusting back gauge, an internal light to illuminate the cutting area, and the capacity to program up to 100 jobs/100 cuts.

Operation is simple using the color touchscreen for programming and selecting jobs. The foot-pedal pre-clamp and bright LED Cutting Line work together allowing operators to see exactly where the blade will cut and to make fine adjustments. Electronically-controlled two-hand operation engages the hardened steel blade for crisp, accurate cuts, every time. Cutting accuracy is 0.1mm on maximum paper stacks.

The Cut-True 31H features an anti-friction ball deck with air-assist and extra-large side tables, making it easier for operators to maneuver large paper stock. The hydraulic clamp pressure is easily adjusted using the pressure gauge knob, to provide the best clamp possible for different paper weights and stack heights. A removable false clamp is included to minimize the risk of marking sensitive paper stock or perfect bound books. It can be easily removed to decrease the minimum cut length to 1.18”, and stored within the machine when not in use.

Standard safety features include dual-button operation and an infrared safety curtain which immediately stops operation if the light plane is interrupted. The Cut-True 31H also includes a lock with key, blade lock, automatic blade return from any position, a blade change safety tool, and a wooden paper push for safe alignment.

The Cut-True 31H is ideal for transforming large sheets into brochures, invitations, business cards, and more, with crisp, accurate cuts, and is a welcome addition to digital print shops and in-plant finishing operations.

  • Standard Features:
    • Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for true two-shift operation.
    • Hydraulically-Controlled: Adjustable hydraulics control paper clamp and blade carrier.
    • Low-Friction Air-Assist Ball Table: Makes it easy for operators to move and position heavy paper stacks.
    • False Clamp: Minimizes marking of sensitive paper stock, easily stores within the machine when not in use.
    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Easily set, adjust and program jobs.
    • LED Cutting Line: Bright red LED line indicates exactly where the blade will cut, allowing for precise adjustments prior to cutting.
    • Solid Steel Blade Carrier: Built for longevity and minimal maintenance.
    • Internal Light: Illuminates the cutting area for improved visibility.
    • Extra-Large Side Tables: Allow users to maneuver large paper stacks with ease.
    • Fine-Tuning Knob: Allows users to precisely adjust the back gauge position.
    • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Knob: Displays pressure and allows for easy adjustment of clamp pressure.
  • Operating Features:
  • Cutting Capacity: Paper stacks up to 4” high and up to 28” wide.
  • Automatic Blade Return from Any Position: Provides safe and accurate operation.
  • Programmable Jobs: Up to 100 jobs/100 steps, including paper eject and cues for turning directions.
  • Foot Pedal Pre-Clamp: Holds paper stack in position to check alignment prior to cutting.
  • Automatically-Adjusting Back Gauge: Ensures accuracy and reduces operator effort.
  • Safety Features:
  • Infrared Safety Curtain: Light beam curtain shuts down operation if the plane is interrupted.
  • Two-Button Operation: Both buttons must be pressed simultaneously, keeping hands away from the cutting area.
  • Blade Change Safety Tool: Allows users to easily and safely change the blade.
  • Main Switch and Safety Key Lock: Keeps cutter secure from unauthorized operators.