Northern Machine Works was established by William Kopp, Sr. and E. H. Berry as a partnership in 1902. After some years of operation as a general machine shop the company began to manufacture one and two color tag printing presses for distribution on a world wide basis. These machines were used throughout the world by many leading tag manufacturers and some of the original presses are still in use.

During the depression years of the thirties many printers needed equipment and they turned to suppliers like Northern for quality used equipment. Northern was well equipped to serve this need because of their extensive background in manufacturing and service to the trade.

The onset of the Second World War brought Northern into the war effort by serving the U. S. Government in making submarine parts for the United States Navy. The experience gained in manufacturing for the war effort prepared the company to satisfy the huge demand for equipment created by the war and drew Northern into the graphic arts industry on a worldwide basis. Shipments to the Far East, South America and Europe enabled Northern to grow and in 1953 they moved to a 40,000 square foot facility in the center of Philadelphia. The manufacture of tag equipment was discontinued and Northern became a major distributor of the leading lines of new and used equipment.

With a long history of dedication to the industry, Northern continues to progress with the fourth and fifth generation of the founding family representing the company.

William Kopp, Sr

Elwood Kopp

William Kopp Jr.

William Kopp III