Dynacut RD435

Rotary Die Cutting:

In an industry competing to fulfill customer demands for unique and differentiating print finished pieces you will find rotary die cutters providing their worth. Rotary die cutting provides print centers with immense flexibility in the design of finished pieces which can be specifically tailored to the customer’s request. Flexible dies can perform cuts, kiss cuts, slits, slit-scores, perforations, de-bossing, pull-away reveals, and window punches. The RD435 produces a variety of print and packaging products such as custom-shaped business cards, table tents, labels, greeting cards, folded boxes, and more.


Our research and development began back in 2017 when Martin Yale Industries quickly realized there was an opportunity in the market for a high-quality, aggressively priced, American-made, rotary die cutter that would spec out well against the competition, and the RD435 delivers exactly that. Competitively priced significantly below our competitors while boasting an industry-leading GSM range of 106 – 435, all while being made in America, the RD435 die cutter is in a class all of its own.

Best GSM range in the industry.

Endless cutting capabilities.

Premium quality, without the premium price tag.


Model RD435
Dimensions 105″ L x 29.25″ W x 55.25″ H
Weight 1025 lbs
Feed Capacity Vacuum fed, 8″
Paper Weight Range 106 – 435 gsm
Max Sheet Size 14″ x 20″
Min Sheet Size 11″ x 17″
Delivery Motorized Belt
Motor Dual (Cylinder and Feeder)
Voltage 110V
Double Sheet Detector Yes
Registration Mark Sensor Yes
Reg Board Alignment Yes
In-line Scrap Separator Yes
Made in U.S.A.