Horizon PF-40L Automated

Suction feed folding

Capable of folding 23,400 sheets/hr.

Easy set up and operation


The PF-40L combines high-volume suction feed capabilities with the intelligent automation that Horizon products are so well known for. The 1,000 sheet capacity top-fed system is the same suction feed system as is used on both the highly popular VAC Collators and PF-P330 Folder providing for reliable mark-free feeding from static laden digitally printed sheets as well as conventional prints. The PF-40’s push-button control panel enables any user to set-up for the six most popular fold patterns of standard cut-sheet sizes. The paper size range for the PF-40 is from 5” x 5” to 12.5” x 18.5” and thicknesses from 13 lb. bond to 60 lb. cover without requiring pre-scoring or creasing. Memory capacity allows for easy programming of ten unique fold patterns and/or non-standard sheet sizes to be recalled at any time. Additionally the built in registration guide table keeps sheets correctly registered at its highest operating speed of 390 sheets per minute. The rolling MT-40 base cabinet is included in the cost.

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Weight 366 lbs

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