Vanguard VKM600T-HS

The VKM600T-HS is the most advanced flatbed on the market today combining state of the art technology with unmatched design. It sets the standard for all UV Flatbed


Cutting-edge features include environmentally responsible LED curing technology, static eliminating ionization bars, 4 vacuum zones, 6-12-18 picoliter drop size, support for CMYK, Lc, Lm, W, V inks, a 50” x 99” print area, and so much more.

The VKM600T-HS can be configured in a number of ways to fit your needs as your business grows. The option to be field upgradeable up to 15 heads/3 rows allows you to expand your capabilities and never slows you down.

The VKM600T-HS sets the standard for all UV flatbeds.

Pring Speed Single Row Double Row
Production Mode 800sq ft/hr 1,280 sq ft/hr
Quality Mode 352 sq ft/hr 576 sq ft/hr
High Quality Mode 224 sq ft/hr 384 sq ft/hr