Challenge Handy Cart

The Challenge Handy Cart is an affordable, mobile stock truck.


The Challenge Handy-Cart will hold four piles of 11″ x 17″ sheets in stacks of up to 21″ tall. This convenient paper cart is perfect for printers, copy centers, mail rooms, and offices. The Handy-Cart is designed fo mobility and control. Four 5″ hard rubber swivel casters and four handles make your Handy-Cart easy to control and easy to roll from place to place. With the Handy-Cart, your stock stays square. An inward slant on each shelf keeps your stock tight to the corner for a square stack, even when moving between locations. The Handy-Cart is another great product value from Challenge! All Challenge products are engineered to make your job easier. Locate Your Handy-Cart near the press or printer for stacking stock and printed jobs, by the cutter for handling stock before and after trimming, or with the binder and trimmer to place completed jobs.

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Weight 110 lbs

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